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About Latrobe Valley Baseball Association
Welcome to the home of the Latrobe Valley Baseball Association better known as the LVBA, which conducts over the winter competition located across the Latrobe Valley area in Gippsland, Victoria.

"the objects of the Latrobe Valley baseball association shall be the playing of baseball and to foster the game of baseball in the Gippsland area. To assist affiliated bodies or any other kindred organization which has its objects the promotion of the game of baseball. The association shall appoint a sub committee which shall be the governing body of the junior teams of the association and shall be called the Latrobe Valley baseball association." - Secretary - Clyde Cumming, December 1987.

Latrobe Valley Baseball Association was first inaugural in 1964. In the mid 1960s teams included  Traralgon, Moe, Yallourn, Morwell, RAAF and Sale. Juniors came a bit later with near six teams being introduced  across Traralgon, Moe, Yallourn and Morwell.
When it came to 1988 Latrobe Valley Baseball Association became incorporated. Unfortunately, within this time the RAAF and Yallourn had folded in the early 1970s while A new baseball club was on the rise with Churchill Baseball Club introduced in 1974.

In the mid 1980s Latrobe Valley Baseball Association lost most of their history in a local fire accident, some players are still around today telling about the rookie days of the LVBA.
Baseball Clubs have had many team names over the years including teams like Traralgon Whitesox and Morwell Tigers just to name a few. We did have a team a couple of years ago based in Leongatha called the South Gippsland Miners Baseball Club.

Today, the LVBA includes teams across the senior and junior grades, these teams include
Churchill Braves, Sale Rangers, Traralgon Redsox, Moe/Newborough Dodgers and Morwell Cougars.

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