Winter is here already, with 2 games washed out.

A Grade


                1  2   3  4  5  6  7  8  9    R    H    E

SLRN       0  0  0   0  0  1  1  X  X   2     3    3

MNWB    0  1  4   1  3  3  X  X  X   12  16   2

It wasn’t the Rangers day after a lost with 12 – 2 (A). Moe opened the number of runs between the 2 teams within the 2nd inning, including an error from Sale which allowed Moe/Newborough being able to score. This was the start of many runs with Ash Poxon, Trent Job and Benn Zomer continuing the runs in the following innings. Will Hector was at the mount for Sale Rangers for the game, for the six innings and pitching 2 strikeouts while Moe getting 16 safe hits. At the pitcher’s plate for Moe Dodgers was Trent Job who had a momentous day on the mount having 13 strikeouts and 2 hits while only 1 scoring. Nathan Simpson came in at the top of the 7th inning to finish the game off. It was Moe Dodgers day at their home ground with multiple hits from Nathan Robinson and Luke Halket.

Due to Weather Conditions, South Gippsland Miners v Traralgon Redsox were washouts, all senior games at South Gippsland were unable to play on the Sunday. Moe Dodgers v Sale Rangers were the only A grade game played over the weekend.

B Grade


             1  2   3  4   5  6  7  8  9      R    H    E

SLRN    5  2  4   1  X  X  X  X  X    12   10   4

MNWB 7  3  9  -1  X  X  X  X  X     4     5    5

Sale Rangers were off to Moe/ Newborough to take on The Dodgers in Round 2, but the weather was not going to stop Moe/ Newborough Dodgers from cleaning up, with a win over Sale Rangers 18-12 (B). It was when it came to the bottom of the third inning is where Moe/ Newborough were one up and with a fielder’s choice and two outs, Roy Simpson doubled on first pitch bringing alive Moe Dodgers once again, as Moe/Newborough scored one run. Both team’s pitchers were under pressure Moe/Newborough Dodgers and Sale Rangers were frequently having runners on bases, Sale collected the most hits on the day with 11, as Moe/ Newborough collect 9. Will Hector, Joel Grumley and Matt Fahy having multiple hits for Sale Rangers and Nathan Robinson for Moe/ Newborough Dodgers leading the dodgers at the plate with 2-3. When Moe came up to pitch, Mat Luke took the plate he opened for the dodgers and completed the innings game. He was able to allow 3 strikeouts, allowed 11 hits and allowed 12 runs over the four innings. Sale Rangers spread the pitching over 3 pitchers, firstly was Joel Grumley, starting the game he managed to have 1 strikeout, allowed 4 hits and allowed 10 runs before changing in the bottom of the 2nd where Brodie Bromley had 1 strikeout, allowed 5 hits and allowed 9 runs and last was Matt Fahy coming in at the bottom of the 3rd. He had a short inning, where he was able to have strikeout, McKinnon with a K2. Sale Rangers last out for the game.

             1  2   3   4   5   6  7   8  9    R    H    E

CHRL   3  0   6   0  3   X  X  X  X   12   10   4

MRWL 0  4   0   0  0   X  X  X  X    4     5    5

It was over to Morwell, where the Morwell Cougars hosted Churchill Braves. what games they were with people on the edge of their seats during both games. Firstly, it started in B grade where there was a fight to be had, but the cougars couldn’t keep a hold on to the 1 run lead after the 2nd inning as the braves lead the game 12-4 (B). Braves scored stolen runs during Greg Duncan at bat during the start of the first innings. By the 3rd innings Churchill came in fightback hard, as the Cougars scored 4 runs in the previous innings with a Double from Michael Aurbey and a Single from Floyd Haines. Cougar’s Floyd Haines took to the hill, Floyd Haines striking out 6 of the Churchill Braves during the 3 innings, before Wesley Duggan Coming in to finish the game. Churchill’s Richard Humphries came up to the mount in a respond to Morwell Cougars pitching for 4 innings, pitched 7 strikeouts and walked 2, after the 4th inning Tim Bellerby approach the plate to finish with 3 straight strikeouts.



C Grade



             1  2   3   4   5   6  7   8  9    R    H    E

SLRN    3  6   2   0  1   X  X  X  X   12   11   2

MNWB 5  4   4   2  X  X  X  X  X    15  16    2

Moe/ Newborough Dodgers played a tight game, with back and forth innings. Moe/ Newborough Dodgers coming home with 15-12 (C) against the Sale Rangers. Rangers scored three runs when they came up to bat receiving two walks, Walters receiving a Hit by pitch and a single from Matt Fahy. Moe Dodgers took an early lead in the 1st inning when Daniel Cole singled a ground ball to centre, bringing David Robinson home on 1-2 count. Moe continue the hitting display in the third innings scoring four runs, first 4 batters in the bottom of the 3rd all hitting doubles. Sale Rangers in the 2nd innings was where the team got most of their runs, scoring six. Adam Jackson, Andrew Pembrey, Anthony Clissold, Michael Walters and Chelsea Cater moving runners across the plate with RBI’s during the innings. Sale Ranger’s Andrew Pembrey took to the mount. He lasts the full 4 innings with allowing 16 hits and 15 runs while walking 1 and having 3 strikeouts. Moe/ Newborough Dodger’s Chris Forrester pitched for the first 3 innings before McKinnon pitched 2 innings. Forrester allowing 10 hits and 11 runs while walking 2 and striking out 3. McKinnon allowing 1 hit and 1 run, while walking 1 and striking out 1. Dodgers managed to rack up 16 hits, with Forrester, Simpson, Robinson, Wendt, Robinson and Cole all collecting multiple hits. Forrester and Simpson having three hits to help lead the Dodgers. Sale Rangers saw the ball, but it wasn’t enough racking up 11 hits. Joel Grumley as well as Matt Fahy each having multiple hits for the Rangers on the day. Grumley led the way for Sale Rangers with 3 hits in 3 at bats, also led with two stolen bases. Sale Rangers taking to eight stolen bases, throughout the game.


                 1  2  3  4  5   6  7   8  9    R   H   E

CHRL       4  3  5  3  X   X  X  X  X  15  17   4

MRWL      6  5  3  1  0   X  X  X  X  15  12   3

What could be said about the C grade game between the Cougars and Braves.
First time they met for another season of baseball, and it was a total ball game until the last dying minutes, when everyone was on the edge of their seats and close to the fence. Morwell Cougars and Churchill Braves tied the game 15-15 (C) on a double in the 4th inning. It started when Morwell Cougars took an early start in the first innings, when Jaryd Downes- Smith threw a wild pitch across the plate allowing Morwell Cougars to score two runs. By the start of the 3rd innings, it looked like Morwell may have had the game with a four-run difference then Churchill Braves came up to bat. Braves hitting multiple save hits and players stealing multiple bases at once. Morwell Cougars managed to have 12 hits throughout the game Brett Toms, Rob Moffatt, Jason Dwyer and Talfryn Glass each having multiple hits each. Churchill Braves were making contact well with the ball, racking up 17 hits within the game. Anand Sikri, Ryan Harvey, Kris Johnston, Michael Williams, Jaryd Downes- Smith as well as William Marks each having multiple hits. Churchill Braves also managed to steal 11 bases during the game as two players stole more than one with Marks leading the way with five. Kenny Dron pitched for Morwell Cougars, while Churchill had two pitchers during the game Jaryd Downes- Smith for the first half then following was Greg Duncan to tie up with Morwell Cougars with a ground out.