3 Grades - 3 High Scoring Games!


             1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E

TRGL :  7   5  6   3   X   X  X   X   X  21  23  1
MRWL: 2   1  1   0   X   X  X   X   X   4    6   1

It looked like Sale Rangers had it in the bag from the start scoring a run in most of the innings against  Traralgon Redsox. It wasn’t until the final innings of the game with the being scores tied at 11, when Traralgon batting in the bottom of the eighth inning. Traralgon Redsox Max Smith singled on the first pitch, scoring one run for the walk-off win. Redsox Nic Coy led to triumph by pouring in four RBIs. Coy went 3-3 at the bat, including a home run in the 2nd and double in the final innings. Those two innings were where the Redsox did most of the scoring damage. Sale Rangers took their offense early in the game. Rangers scored one run when Brad Taylors. At the top of the second after Sale Rangers scoring three runs, Traralgon Redsox answered with scoring three runs to add to board. Rangers run included Taylor singled on a 0-1 count scoring additional two runs and William Hector with a Triple from a 0-1 count, scoring one run for the Rangers. Traralgon Nic Coy hitting a homerun off a 1-2 count to answer for the Redsox, scoring three runs. Jay Ziersch was on the hill for the Redsox. Ziersch allowing 11 hits and 7 runs over three innings, striking out 4 and striking out zero. Before Nic Coy coming into relief.  Lachlan Wrigglesworth was up on the pitchers mound for Sale Rangers. Wrigglesworth lasted seven and a third innings, before Joel Hector came in to relief. Wrigglesworth allowing 11 hits and 12 runs while striking out two. Coy, Jordy Gilmore, Josh Neilson and Brett Sharp each collected up several hits for Traralgon Redsox . Redsox tallied 13 hits within the game. Gilmore & Coy had three to led Redsox. Sale Rangers also having a great day at the bat, racking up 17 hits in the game. Hector, Taylor, Michael Walters, Rohan Hector, Joel Hector and Reuben Ellis all having multiple hits for the Rangers. William Hector going 4-5 at the bat to lead Sale. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to keep hold of the win, with the walk off win from Max Smith from Traralgon Redsox.

              1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E

DGRS :  0   0   1   2   5   4   0   X  X  12  20  4
BRVS  :  0   3   0   8   0   1   0   X  X  12  14  1

Churchill Braves kept alive in the sixth inning with a single to a 12-12 tie against Moe/Newborough Dodgers on Sunday. Braves Ben McCormack singled, scoring a runner home to start the scoring for Churchill Braves. At the bottom of the 6th inning Braves had managed to tied the game at 12-12, when Gregg Duncan singled on a 3-2 count, scoring one run.

Churchill Braves racked up eight runs in the 4th inning. This was Churchill’s biggest inning when it came to runs within the game, thanks to singles by Hayden Jarrett, Robert Beamish, McCormack, Tim Bellerby and Jacob Dickinson. Including Duncan reaching on an error.
Moe/Newborough Dodgers had a great day at the bat with hitting 20 in the game. Luke Halket Chris Wendt, Benn Zomer, Ash Poxon, Brett Wilson and Jason Smith each tallied up multiple hits for the Dodgers.
Churchill Braves rally up 14 hits within the game. McCormack, Dickinson and Brad Jones each accomplished multiple hit for the Braves. McCormack led Churchill with 4 safe hits at 5 at bats.
As this game is “still playing”, pitching review will be updated after completed game.

(this game will continue May 12th at Moe/Newborough Baseball Club due to a protest that was brought into play after match.)


              1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E

RNGS :  1   0   2   6   1   X  X   X   X  10  8   1
CGRS :  0   0   1   0   2   X  X   X   X   3   5    3 

Morwell Cougars couldn’t catch up to the Sale Rangers as the Rangers took an early lead in the 1st inning for a 10-3 win. The Cougars put up a fought on the diamond and the batters box to contain the high-powered offense from the Sale Rangers, giving up 10 runs.
Sale Rangers was underway scoring in the first inning. Anthony Clissold grounded out, scoring the Rangers first run. Rangers scored six runs within the 4th inning. Jack Neesham, Brad Bronts, Rohan Hector and Michael Walters each receiving RBIs. Rohan Hector was on the mound for the Rangers. Hector lasted the 5 inning game, allowing five hits and 3 runs while striking out 12. Michael Aubrey responded on the hill for Morwell Cougars. Aubrey lasted three innings, allowing four hits and seven runs while striking out six. Floyd Haines threw two innings in relief from the bullpen.

Aubrey led for the Cougars in hits, going 2-for-2 at the bat. Morwell were aggressive on bases with stealing a total of seven bases during the game, as two players stole more multiple bases. Aubrey led the way with two.
Joel Hector had a great day for the Rangers in batter’s box, going two hits from four at bats.

              1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E

DGRS :  2   8  7   1   1   X  X   X   X  28  22  0

BRVS :   0   0  0   1   X   X  X   X   X    1   2   6

Moe/Newborough took an early lead and ran away from the Churchill Braves with a Victorious Win.
Braves fell behind early and couldn’t come back in a 28-1 loss to Moe/Newborough Dodgers. Dodgers scored in the first inning by an error and a double from Jason McKinnon. Churchill Braves struggle to maintain the successful attack from the Moe/Newborough Dodgers, giving up 28 runs. Dodgers started things rolling in the first inning, when an error scored one run for the Moe/Newborough Dodgers. Moe/Newborough managed to tally up 11 runs within the 4th inning. Mitch McGrath, Simon Wilson, Luke Halket, Roy Simpson, Andrew Moran and Daniel Cole all moving runners around the bases each receiving RBIs within the inning.
Tim Wilson was on the mound and starting things off for the Dodgers. Wilson allowing one hit and zero runs over three innings, striking out three and walking one. Churchill Braves started with Gregg Duncan on the hill. Duncan allowed 13 hits and 15 runs over two innings, striking out two batters. Brad Jones came in from the Bullpen to throw the remaining two innings.
Scott Gregor and Brad Jones took the lead for the Braves at the bat, collecting one hit each.
Throughout the game Moe/Newborough Dodger had a great day in the batters box, racking up 22 hits. McGrath, Chris Forrester, Moran, Wilson, Mat Luke, McKinnon and Halket each gathering multiple hits for the away time. McGrath went 6-6 in the box to lead Dodgers in hits.  Moe/Newborough Dodgers was confident on the diamond with not making a single error through the game. McKinnon making most plays in the Dodgers v Braves game with four.


             1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E

DGRS:  3   3  7   7   0   X  X   X   X  20  13  4
BRVS:   0   1  1   4   1   X  X   X   X   7    8   9

It was another victory for Moe/Newborough Dodgers getting away yet again with an early lead against Churchill Braves. Braves fell behind early and couldn’t catch up in a 20-7 loss to the Dodgers. Dodger’s scored on a double from Andrew Moran and a fielder’s choice during Sebastion Battista plate appearance in the first inning. Churchill Braves continue battling at the bat collecting eight hits, regardless of the loss. Unfortunately, Moe/Newborough Dodgers had kept up on the way to victory with a total of 13 hits. Churchill Braves tallied four runs in the fourth inning. This was the biggest inning for the Braves thanks to errors with ball put into play from Grant Bingham & Scott Gregor. Ryan Laukens was on the mound for home team. Laukens allowed seven hits and 13 runs over two and a third innings, striking out seven. Sam Gillett and Ash Baker arrived from the bullpen to relief, throwing one inning and two thirds of an inning. Daniel McKinnon kicked the rubber on the hill for Moe/Newborough. Mckinnon went three innings, allowing two runs on four hits, striking out three and walking zero.
Churchill kept fighting as they ran aggressive stealing a number of bases, as they tallied 13 stolen bases. William Marks led Braves with three stolen bases. Braves also kept the fight at the bat with Declan Gregor, Scott Gregor, James Armstrong, Ash Baker, Sam Gillett, William Marks, Ryan Laukens and Renae Steer all had one hit to lead the Braves. Dodgers kept on top with racking up 13 hits. Moran, Battista and Roger Fletcher each having multiple hits.

              1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E

RNGS :  3   5  0   5   2   X  X   X   X  15  16  4
CGRS:   3   0  4   0   X   X  X   X   X   7    5   3

It was another win for the Sale Rangers as they outdid Morwell Cougars 15-7.  Morwell Cougars kept up a fight in the batters box as they battled it out against the Rangers, but it wasn’t enough. Cougars were finding it hard to place runs on the board and tough time on the diamond keeping a hold onto the Rangers, giving up 15 runs.
It wasn’t until the bottom of the first inning, Morwell Cougars tied things up at three when Kevin White singled on the first pitch at the bat, bringing in a run to tie things up. This was only the start. Sale Rangers knew what to do by bringing in five runs in the second innings. Brad Bronts singled on a 0-1 count, scoring one run, Kevin Arbuthnot at the bat also singled off his first pitch, scoring in two runs. Moffatt managed Felicity Clissold to hit a fielder’s choice, bringing in two runs.  Morwell Cougars determined to keep attacking, scoring four runs in the third inning. It was back and forth between the innings with Sale Rangers scoring 5 runs in the fourth innings. Jack Neesham was on the mound for the Rangers. Neesham surrendered seven runs on five hits, striking out five during three innings. Moffatt took to the hill to led things off for the Cougars. Moffatt lasted four innings, allowing 13 hits and 13 runs while striking out three and walking one. Jonathon Armstrong coming in from the bullpen to relief to throw one-third of an inning.