Another Tough Day on the Diamond.

It was perfect weather conditions for juniors with the sun shining and ready for another day of ball. Tball once again started the day off with clubs getting also involved teaching the younger ones with players having some quality key hits and building confidence in their skills.
U13s were held shortly after, also hosted by Morwell Cougars Baseball Club. Under 13s looks like it will be a strong competition with most teams have close results and even draws.

Moe vs Morwell - U13's
Game started when Moe took to the plate and managed to go through their batting lineup in the first innings, scoring 5 runs from the first 5 batters. L.Answers hitting a double to Centre Field as well as J.Wilson hitting also a double to Left Field. These first 5 batters did most of the damaged putting up a good game on the diamond against Morwell. Morwell came back strong with also scoring 5 runs within their first innning keeping it a close game throughout the game, T. White from Morwell Cougars was able to hit a double to Left field  and scoring 2 runners home. Dodgers v Cougars went for  draw with a final score of 7-7 after 3 innings.

Traralgon vs Churchill - U13's
it was a day out for Traralgon Redsox taking on the Braves, Redsox started the runs in the scorebook with multiple players hitting safe hits and also multiple times. In the 3rd innings Traralgon scored 5 runs, big hitters on the day were Max Velasco, Malachi Dillion, Alex Smith and Liam Dillion who drove in the runs. Redsox's Pitcher Fernance had a great day on the mount striking out 4 and walking zero within the two innings pitching, Fernance also managed to hit multiple safe hits and scored runs for the Redsox's. Braves's Pitcher, Riley Jackway also had a good day on the pitchers plate. Riley was able to strike out 4 & walk zero during the two innings. Traralgon took the win 11 - 1

Sale vs South Gippsland - U13's
South Gippsland took to the field with aiming to take a win for the miners and that they day, as Sale Rangers watched the game slip through their fingers 14 - 6.
Miners Will Anthony, Charlotte Anthony and Charlie Carew safelty hitting singles each within the first inning. Rangers manage to rack up 8 hits on the day, while Miners collected 16 in the tough game. Sale Ranger's batters Samuel Jessop, Felicity Clissold, Jarvis Lyons and Mark Thompson who drove in the runs for the rangers. Sale Rangers Mark Thompson took to the mount at the start of the game until relief pitcher Samuel Jessop came up to pitch. Thompson striking out 9 and walking zero. Miners pitcher Nicholas, allowed one hit, zero runs and striking out five. South Gippsland U13s were advancing through bases by stealing and were able to steal 17 bases throughout the game.

Traralgon vs Churchill - U16's
Churchill braves headed on down to Traralgon to take on the Redsox, it was then we found out we were going to have a tough game at the plate and on the field. Braves were batting first in the 1st inning, scoring 1 run from C. Jackway. Jackway also managed to score the most of runs for Churchill Braves U16s on the day with scoring 3 runs and each time at bat. D. Gregory also had a great day at the bat with hitting 2 safe hits to short stop, also scoring a runner home . Redsox decided it was their time to get the runs moving and that they did. Traralgon went through the batting lineup, where Redsox managed to also score 5 runs from the first 5 batters. Then having loaded bases just before switching sides due to the 5-run rule.  Churchill scored additional 4 runs in the 2nd innings, Traralgon came back with B.Wass, J. Crawford and A.Hunter getting to base on balls. Wass, Crawford and Hunter also each scored a run due to wild pitch/s.
Due to uneven innings score was reverted back to the 2nd innings and the final score was Churchill 5 - Traralgon 8

Moe v Morwell - U16's:  Bye for Morwell Cougars

Sale v South Gippsland - U16s: Bye for Sale Rangers