Traralgon Redsox Clean up Seniors

Welcome back Everyone to the Latrobe Valley Baseball Association for another winter season, also
a big welcome to our new players & fans for their first season of baseball. Only the senior grades took the field on a sunny and clear April 14 as juniors don't start until April 27th & 28th. 
Our first game for C Grade is Traralgon Redsox vs Morwell Cougars.

             1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   H   R   E

TRGL :  7   5  6   3   X   X  X   X   X  21  23  1
MRWL: 2   1 
 1   0   X   X  X   X   X   4    6   1

An early lead for the Traralgon Redsox against Morwell Cougars helped the reigning C Grade Premiers defeat the Morwell Cougars 21 - 4 on Sunday morning. Traralgon's Chris Cooper & Wayne Beams both scoring singles in the first inning. Josh Burgar led things off on the hill for the home team, as they allowed three hits and three runs over 2 innings, striking out 2. Kenny Dron took to the hill for Morwell Cougars pitching one and two-thirds innings. Cougars allowing 16 runs off 14 hits and striking out 5. Robert Moffatt threw in relief for the remainder of the game. Traralgon Redsox - Ken Neilson smashed one in the final innings to left field for a home run. Redsox tallied 23 hits on the day including Neilson, Burgar and Greenough each collecting 3 hits each to lead the Redsox. Cougars stole several bases, while Cougars tally for the day of 6 hits wasn’t enough to catch up to Traralgon Redsox. Morwell's Ty Wells and Dron all had multiple hits. Armstrong led the day with 3.


             1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   H   R   E

BRVS:   0   6   0   0   2   X  X   X   X   8    7  6
RNGS:  2   5 
 4   4   3   X   X   X   X  18  19  2

In Churchill, hosting club the braves took on visitors, Sale Rangers.
Churchill Braves couldn't recover after watching the game slip through their fingers after the 2nd inning, with a 18-8 loss on Sunday.

Churchill collected seven hits on the day, while Rangers managed to have a great day at the bat with collecting 19 in the high scoring first game to the season. Kadien Jarvis got the Rangers moving within the first inning, hitting a single on the first pitch at the bat. Jarvis scoring two runs.
Churchill Braves offense was in the 2nd innings when the Braves scored 6 runs, including doubles by David Story-Mills & Ross Cooen, a walk for William Marks and an error by Sale making Harry Singh safe.

Adrian Hector, Kadien Jarvis and Adam Fyfe runs for the Sale Rangers win, with Andrew Pembrey leading Sale 5-for-5 at the plate. Churchill's Sam Gillett led things off at the mound, allowing 7 runs off 10 hits, striking out 3 and walking 1 over the 2 innings. With Harry Singh & Robert Beamish coming in to relief.

Fyfe responded for the Sale Rangers, allowing 3 hits and 6 runs over two innings while striking out two. Sale Rangers stole 12 during the game, with four players stole more than one. Rangers Andrew Pembrey led the way by stealing three.

B Grade:


             1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   H   R   E

RNGS : 3   1   2   2   1   X  X   X   X   9   9   3
BRVS:   3   2  
 1   2   3   X  X   X   X  11  6   4





Sale Rangers were wanting to keep the winning streak going but Churchill Braves knew what they had to do.

It was a competitive game from start to finish, but it wasn't until the bottom of the 5th inning. Score was tied at 9 with Brad Jones at the bat, when Jones hits home run on first pitch. Scoring two runs, Braves winning with a Walk- Off Home Run against Sale Rangers. Final Score 11-9.
Brad Jones was on the mound for the Braves, allowing nine hits & nine runs over the 5-inning game, while only striking out 3. Both offenses were strong at the plate, Churchill Braves collecting 6 hits and Sale Rangers collecting 9.
Sale Rangers Joel Hector was on the mound over the first two innings, allowing four hits and five runs while striking out three. Andrew Pembrey and Rohan Hector entering the game to relief.
Braves managed to tally six hits on the day. Gary Larkin and Harry Singh each racking up multiple hits for Churchill. Three players stole more than bases with a total of 13 stolen bases, Dylan Eldridge led the team with four.

Sale Rangers nine hits in the game. Rohan Hector, Joel Hector, Brad Bronts and Kadien Jarvis all collecting multiple hits. Jarvis led Rangers with four stolen bases, Rangers running around stealing a total of seven bases.


             1   2   3   4   5    6   7   8   9   H   R   E

TRGL :  0   0   0   0   1   5   X   X   X   6   8   4
MRWL: 0   1   
2   0   0   0   5   X   X    8  11  2


Traralgon Redsox put up a battle until the final innings, but Morwell Cougars ran away with 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning adding to final victory score 8-6 for the Cougars on Sunday. The game was tied when Cougars Deklan White singled on a 0-1 count, scoring one run.

Redsox tallied five runs in the 6th inning, Redsox led in the innings by walks from Mikey Bentley & Brad Pratt. Including singles by Ken Neilson & John Graham.
Michael Aubrey started it off for the Cougars at the mound. Aubrey allowing seven hits & six runs while striking out ten. Traralgon responded with Pratt up on the hill against Morwell, allowing 11 hits & eight runs, while striking out 9 and walking one over the 7-inning game.

Will Brooker led at the bat for the Redsox going 2 for 3 at the plate, Cougars Floyd Haines led the team at the bat with 3 hits of 4 at bats.




                1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    9   H   R   E

TRGL :     4  2  14   0   X  X   X   X   X  20  21  1
MNWB:   0  0 
   0   0   1  X   X   X   X    1   8   1



What a day it was for Brett Sharp and the Traralgon Redsox, picking up four hits which led the Redsox to a 20-1 win over Moe/Newborough Dodgers. Traralgon had an excellent day at the bat led by where Brett Sharp singled in the first, home run in the second and two singles in the third. Redsox secured their victory in the 3rd inning when Traralgon scored 14 runs. Brian Spiteri, Brett Sharp, Jay Ziersch, Jordy Gilmore, Blake Townsend and Max Smith each managing to get RBIs in the massive scoring inning for the Redsox. Jordy Gilmore doubled on his first pitch within the first inning, scoring two runs for the Traralgon Redsox.  Ziersch approach the mound for the home side, surrendering zero runs on four hits over three innings, striking out three and walking zero. Caleb Poole to relief for the Redsox from Bullpen. Benn Zomer was starting on the mound for the Dodgers. Zomer lasted two and two-thirds innings, allowing 19 hits and 20 runs while striking three. Mat Luke threw one and one-third innings in relief from bullpen.

Traralgon Redsox tallied up 21 hits. Sharp, Ziersch, Gilmore, Caleb Poole, Josh Neilson, Smith, Spiteri and local rising star Blake Townsend all collected multiple hits for the Redsox. Sharp led Traralgon Redsox with four hits in five at bats.


Moe/Newborough Dodgers racked up eight hits in the game against the Traralgon Redsox. Ash Poxon & Benn Zomer each managed multiple hits for the Dodgers.



              1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   H   R   E

RNGS :  0   1   1   0   2   0   0   1   X   5  11  4
BRVS:    4
   3   0   2   0   0   0   X   X   9   8   3


Churchill Braves continuing the victories over Sale Rangers, with final score 9-5. An error from Rangers second baseman Kevin Arbuthnot, scored two runs within the 1st inning for the Churchill Braves.
Tim Bellerby was on the mound for the Churchill Braves, lasting the eighth inning game, allowing 11 hits and five runs while striking out 5 and walking zero. Rangers battling on the mound to stay in game with Rohan Hector pitching five innings, allowing nine runs on seven hits and striking out five. Lachlan Wrigglesworth coming from the bullpen to relief, pitching two innings. Braves tallied eight hits in the victory game. Richard Humphreys, Hayden Jarrett and Gregg Duncan each collecting multiple hits to lead the Churchill Braves.
Sale Rangers collected 11 hits in the fight against Churchill. Brad Taylor, Joel Hector, William Hector, Rohan Hector and Kevin Arbuthnot each having a successful day at the bat, but it wasn't enough against Churchill Braves.


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